Seeking NP Occupational Health Provider Support in NY

Job ID#71045 • NY • Posted: 03/02/2023

HHC TITLE:                                        Associate Nurse Practitioner II
DIVISION:                                          Nursing
FUNCTIONAL TITLE:                        Nurse Practitioner/OHS
DEPARTMENT:                                 Medical Director/Occupational Health Service

o             Evidence of satisfactory completion of accredited education and training program.
o             Certification by American Nurse Credentialing Center (ANCC) or American Academy of Nurse
Practitioners (AANP)
o             New York State license and registration
o             Basic Cardiac Life Support certification
o             Demonstrated clinical competence and an acceptable level of clinical experience

Functional Duties/ Responsibilities:
o             Report directly to Chief of Service and Director of Nursing for Ambulatory Care.
o             Perform health assessments, including medical history, physical examination, ordering required laboratory, x-ray and other diagnostic tests, review of historical laboratory documentation, other health documentation and appropriate disposition of clients for pre-employment, annual, return from medical leave, injury, illness, exposure to blood borne pathogen, exposure to tuberculosis, exposure to other infectious agents or chemical or environmental exposure, occupational risk assessment, workplace accommodation and other health assessments as required.
Prescribe and administer medication and vaccination according to protocol.
o             Health education and health advocacy for hospital workers, including identification of and
Collaboration to reduce health and safety hazards in the workplace.
o             Timely handwritten documentation in employee health paper record and completion of all required written paper forms.
Electronic documentation of all assessments and procedures.
o             Compliance with Collaborative Practice Agreement, maintaining appropriate communication regarding clinical, administrative and other issues as appropriate. Demonstration of interpersonal skills and participation in team-building methods.
Oversight of daily activities of the Occupational Health Service (OHS) in collaboration with Head Nurse and Assistant Coordinating Manager, under supervision of Chief of Service.
Collaboration with Nursing, Medical, Human Resources, and other staff as required.
o              Compliance with all statutory, corporate and hospital requirements, including continuing
professional education and cultural competency.
 o            Attendance at required meetings, participation in performance improvement activity.

Work Days: Monday through Friday.
Hours: 8,5 per day as assigned. Lunch t hour per day.

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