Pediatric Hospitalist Need

Job ID#71180 • Kansas • Posted: 08/14/2023

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  • Facility Type:
    • Hospital
  • Specialty:
    • Pediatric Hospitalist
  • Length of Assignment: (ASAP – ongoing)
    • Dates Vary- ongoing
  • Call Requirements:
    • 24-hour call shifts
  • Charting/Dictation:
  • CPSI/Evident.  This will be taught to the provider during orientation                              
  • Required Skills & Procedures:
  • We deliver about 225 babies per year
  • We have 3 full-time pediatricians
  • Avg inpatient admits is 3-4 pediatric patients per week
  • The peds locums will need to attend c-sections
  • The peds locums can do circumcisions if they want to or the regular pediatricians can do it when they come back on for coverage
  • We are a Level 1 Nursery
  • The provider comes in when called and is not required to stay in the hospital. 
  • This is for call from the ER or hospital.  The provider will do admits, rounding, dismissals and deliveries
  • No office work
  • The typical peds locums has 3 patient encounters over the whole weekend
  • The peds locums needs to be able to do newborn intubations, LP’s, Umbilical lines.  We do have anesthesia for backup for intubations and central lines
  • Vent Management:  the peds locums needs to know the basics.  Our docs usually bag the baby for a while and call the neonatologist for directions on settings.  They also have the help of respiratory therapy.  If the baby is on a vent, we stabilize and ship the baby.


  • Vaccine Requirements:
    • Need to be Vaccinated or need form for reason why exempt

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