Cardio ANE provider needed in Virginia!

Job ID#71667 • VA • Posted: 11/30/2023

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  • Facility Type:
    • Hospital
  • Specialty:
    • Cardiovascular l Anesthesiology
  • Length of Assignment: (ASAP – ongoing)
  • Call Requirements:
    • yes
  • Charting/Dictation:
    • EPIC
  • Required Skills & Procedures:
  • Vaccine Requirements:
    • yes, no exceptions
  • Other Information:
    • They must be willing and available to work 40/h week and take call, which I believe would be general call.

    • # of POS run daily: 16
    • Types of POS (OR/endo/OB etc.): OR, Endo, Hybrid/CV room, EP, Cath lab, Radiology
    • @Harbour view – general, ortho
    • Facility level/type (level 1 trauma, community hosp, etc.): Community hospital
    • # of MDs daily: 9.6
    • # of CRNAs daily: 11.1
    • Practice setting (medical direction/supervised/autonomous etc.): Medical Direction with MDs hands on in select rooms.
    • Types of cases: CV, general, ortho, oncology, gastro, vascular, pediatrics, No OB, trauma nor neuro crani.  Docs will do a mix of personally performing and medical direction.
    • Average # of cases for the team daily: 10k+ Model calls for 10 POS so assuming 15 Endo cases per day and 1 CV case per day (30-40 cases per day)
    • 40 cases per day)
    • Call (pager or inhouse, frequency, how often/% called in, post call day off etc.): call is pager only for Physicians.  Gen call is 1:5  (rare call back)
    • Schedule/shift types: The docs will be either regular day shift (anywhere from 8-12 hours), on call, post call or PTO. CRNA’s working 8s, 10s and 24/hr (inhouse) shifts – no call.

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