General Radiologist that performs Light Interventional Needed in Indiana

Job ID#71715 • Indiana • Posted: 11/27/2023

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  • Facility Type: Hospital
  • Specialty: Radiology
    •  General Radiology and some IR
  • Specific dates are listed below – but if candidate can provide us with a week a month ongoing until we find a perm replacement, that would be great.
  • March 11-17
  • April 29-May 5
  • August 22  – 7am on Tuesday, September 3rd – (8/22 is a Thursday, but if candidate prefers to start that Monday 8/19 instead and work through until the morning of 9/3 – we can make it work)
  • October 21-27
  • November 25-December 1
  • December 23-December 29
  • December 29-January 5


  • Call Requirements?:
  • Weekday Schedule: usually staggered shifts with 2 radiologist covering 7am to 5pm. One gets here by 7am, or earlier if they desired, and is responsible for overnight studies, procedures, ultrasound, and radiographs until approximately 2pm. Second radiologist arrives around 9am and is responsible for CT, MRI, mammo and stereotactic breast biopsies until 5pm
  • Night call: Rarely called in evenings
    • Remote viewing access from home – Not in house call
    • Night reading coverage is provided by a Virtual Services from 5pm – 7am weekdays and all day Saturday & Sunday. The Call Service provides the preliminary reports and re-read by our employed radiologist the next morning to provide the final report. Usually have 40-60 Night Call Service tests to over read and do the final read on in the mornings – 50% of these are CTs
    • Physicians state they go weeks to months without receiving calls. In a months’ time they might get 1-2 calls, mostly from the ER asking a question that is easily addressed over the phone
  • Weekend call: Virtual Radiology services is utilized from Friday evenings at 5pm through Monday morning at 7am for preliminary readings. The on-call Radiologist comes in each morning and does a final read of the studies from the day/night before. The on-call Radiologist has the choice of coming in periodically through the day, so the worklist is smaller the next morning
  • Weekend volumes are variable, usually 60-80 studies depending on the ER providers. Higher percentage of CT
  • Charting/Dictation?:
  • We use the Power Scribe 360 dictation system.
  • Our Radiologist state that for a smaller hospital, we have incredible/first rate equipment
  • We have a McKesson PACS system
  • Our Radiology Information System is PACS & Meditech
  • State of the art prone stereotactic biopsy table

       Required Skills & Procedures:

  • Major Trauma is sent out. / No Cath Lab / Lite Vascular (have GS backup for the vascular studies)
  • Procedures: mostly thoras, paras, thyroid and breast
  • Must read:
    •  Muscular Skeletal MRIs. (Back, arm, shoulder, knees, elbow, ankle, wrist, feet, etc.)
    • Pediatric x-rays (I.e. Lumbar sacral, Pediatric Hip Ultrasounds)
    • PET Scans
    • Nuclear Studies (I.e. Cardiac studies)
  • Lite Interventional Radiology includes but not limited to: (Note: these procedures are only performed during the weekdays.) (Lite IR currently is only 1-2% of duties)
    • Image-guided biopsy of a tumor
    • Drainage
    • Paracentesis
    • Injection of an imaging contrast agent into a hollow structure, such as a blood vessel or a duct.
    • Catheter-based medicine delivery
    • Medical device placement
    • Stereotactic breast biopsy – we do more breast biopsies than any other type of biopsy


  • Vaccine Requirements: Required

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