Referrals – Another Way To Make A Positive Difference

In our experience, exceptional healthcare providers surround themselves with their exceptional peers. What if you could help them out (and yourself) with a simple message? If you connect Alliance with one of your respected, hard-working peers, your two cents can pay off exponentially. Submit the referral form below and Alliance will email you confirmation the referral qualities.

Physicians - $2,000

Physician Assistant, Nurse Practitioner, or CRNA – -$1,000

You can submit up to five referrals a month. So, what are you waiting for? Help us connect with the best of the best today.

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Referral FAQ

Why A Rewards Program?

Our business is founded on providing exceptional medical professionals for locum tenen positions throughout the United States. Alliance welcomes the opportunity to expand our partnership with healthcare organizations to locate providers who will administer quality patient care.

Can I Refer Myself?

No. But you may refer up to five colleagues per month. If you are considering a change in your current position, please contact us to learn about the many exceptional and continuous benefits available through Alliance.

Will I Be Paid For Each Separate Referral?

Yes, each referral that meets the qualifying rules will receive payment.